Best views of Pratomagno

From Molino del Piano to Monteloro

THE hike. By care to Molino del Piano, and found after some debate trail number 4, going out of the village, crossing the main road, and then starting a climb that very quickly became quite alpine in terms of flora as well as steepness. At some point, I had to rest. Spring still far up here, so splendid views without the leaves, and some early spring flowers! The path was decorated with stone pyramids. Up and up a long a ridge, probably a total of 300m of altitude. Again and again the stunning views of the Pratomano and Casentino. We arrive in the tiny village of Monteloro/Bagnacavallo. A restaurant is tempting…but we start the decent, taking the street rather than trail 4, which would bring us up another climb, but we are worried it would get to late and dark. Many young monks come our way, and later we pass a monastery, outside all cars parked are French. Then we reconnect to trail 4, decending along a small creek and partially quite steeply towards some gardens. Finally following the Torrente more of less. Remarkable was a fountain with many many drinking bees. Very tired when reaching the car! Many old cats in Molino del Piano.

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