Sustainable LivingBuilding our Future Sustainable LivingCelebrating Diversity Sustainable LivingExploring our World
Sustainable LivingBuilding our Future
Wondering what you and your organization can do
to create a sustainable economy?
Sustainable LivingCelebrating Diversity
The best story every:
the adventures of a very curious caterpillar.
Sustainable LivingExploring our World
Discovery in slow motion!
Join us on walking and hiking tours!


Towards Sustainability

So many paths we can take

We hear so much about sustainability. But what is it, really…? It is a vision, not a cry out in response to crisis. The vision that we can do so much better in providing happy lives. And the mission to make this happen with mind, body and soul. We are taking you on different journeys:
Hello! I am Luco!

HI! I am Luco, the Cabbage-green Caterpillar!

Luco, our hero, is a very green caterpillar (well, a bit “green” indeed at times), very curious, and always on the move thanks to his many busy feet. But nothing out of the ordinary ever happens in the Green City, his home town…until one day Doretta the cricket is seen in panicked flight…the earth is shaking under the daisy bushes! What will Luco find there? Find out more about Luco’s adventures below!